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House Cleaning Tips Maria’s Frisco Cleaning Service Frisco TX

House Cleaning Tips Maria’s Frisco Cleaning Service Frisco TX
September 22, 2018 MFCSADMIN
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Drop of Olive Oil

Are fingerprints all over the fridge driving you crazy? Maria Founder of Maria’s Frisco Cleaning Services in Frisco TX  says  “I use a drop of oil (olive oil or even baby oil will work) on a paper towel to shine stainless steel to get rid of any fingerprints I missed in cleaning and to keep the surface cleaner for longer. Buff the oil in—going with the grain of the stainless—and wipe off any excess with a clean paper towel. This trick is magic.” She once once got a standing ovation for this hack at a family dinner.

White Chalk

“I tell people to keep a piece of white chalk in the laundry room to rub on grease stains and absorb the oil. Launder as usual and the piece should come out clean,” Maria from Maria’s Frisco Cleaning Service in Frisco TX.   This should do the trick on butter, salad dressing, cooking oil, and more. No chalk on hand, but need an immediate solution? Break out the cornstarch from your baking caddy or talcum powder from the medicine cabinet and sprinkle it over the stain, let sit for for 10 minutes to soak up the oil, and wash.

Pull the Vacuum Cleaner Slowly

Here’s what some people might not realize: pushing the vacuum forward is mostly about getting it into the right position. It’s pulling it that actually removes any soil. “So slow down on the pull pass for cleaner carpets!” says Maria from Maria’s Frisco Cleaning in Frisco, TX , . When cleaning hard floor surfaces, vacuums can blow around a lot of the debris you are trying to clean up. Avoid the hassle by sucking up dust and furballs using the vacuum’s wand attachment first. Then give the floor a pass with the machine on the hard floor setting. If your floors still don’t seem to be coming clean, it may be time to invest in a new machine.

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