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House cleaning Plano McKinney Little Elm Frisco Prosper

House cleaning Plano McKinney Little Elm Frisco Prosper
March 21, 2020 MFCSADMIN
  • Cleaning Tip From Maria’s Frisco Cleaning 
  • House Cleaning Frisco

  • When you dust, start at the top and work down.
  • Take all your cleaning tools, avoid unnecessary trips back and forth.
  • Clean as you go! It takes a lot less time to remove new dirt than old.
  • Make a checklist of chores to get organized first.
  • Wash walls from the bottom up, to avoid streaking.
  • Use old socks as mitts for cleaning difficult wood work.
  • Wash small knickknacks instead of dusting.
  • To remove heel marks, take a pencil eraser and rub them off.
  • Don’t mix cleaning products. Ammonia and bleach are toxic.
  • Remember common cleaners such as Windex and comet meet this don’t do rule.
  • Allowing cleaners to set for several minutes will ease the cleaning job.


  • Wall cleaner, mix 1/2 c. ammonia, 1/4 c. white vinegar, and 1/4 c. baking soda to 1 gal. warm water.
  • For cleaning textured walls use nylon socks instead of a sponge or cloth to avoid leaving material chunks behind.
  • To dust wall paper, tie a dust cloth over your broom and work from the top to down.
  • To remove pencil marks and other non-greasy spots from non-washable papers, use an art-gum eraser.
  • To remove greasy spots or crayon, apply a paste of cleaning fluid and fuller’s earth and cornstarch. Let the wall dry and brush off residue. Repeat the treatment until the spot is gone.


  • Use a water hose to spray the outside of your house. This will remove siding cobwebs and dirt.
  • Textured siding? Attach a car-washing brush to the hose to remove dirt.


  • Make your own spray cleaner. Fill the spray bottle with 3 tablespoons of ammonia, 1 tablespoon of vinegar and the remainder with water.
  • Dust blinds by wrapping a cloth around a ruler. Spray cloth with a dusting spray and run the flat end across each blind.
  • Shine windows using an old newspaper.
  • Clean windows on an average temperature, preferably overcast day to avoid streaks.
  • Dry windows outside in the direction then inside in the other direction. If you see a streak, you will know which side is the offender.
  • To clean window sills, pour diluted rubbing alcohol on a cloth and rub the entire surface. Then dust off the sill with a clean cloth.